​​Voter data is available to registered political committees for bonafide political purposes. Use for commercial solicitation or other business purposes is prohibited. (Chapter 10 ILCS 5/4-8, 5-7, and 6-35, Illinois Compiled Statutes).

The Kane County offers electronic voter registration data by mail in the following format:

  • Available on CD-ROM only.
  • Combines voter and voting history data into one file or table.
  • Includes up to the last 5​ elections if available
  • Available in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel (if less than 65,000 records), and comma-delimited and tab-delimited text forms.
  • Click here for a complete description of the table.
  • Please note: The County Clerk provides files of voter data; the Clerk does NOT provide software to process voter data.

Cost of voter files with voting history is $4.00/precinct plus a $3.00 processing fee.  Cost of voter files without voting history is $4.00. Click Here for a complete pricing list.


  • Complete the Application for Voter Information*
  • Make check or money order payable to the Kane County Clerk.
  • Checks must be issued on the political committee’s account.
  • No application will be processed without payment attached.
  • Media are provided by the Kane County Clerk.
  • Requests are processed on a first-in, first-out basis.
  • Submit the application and payment to:

Kane County Clerk
Attn: Elections
719 S. Batavia Ave., Bldg B
Geneva, IL 60134

Questions? Contact the Kane County Clerk's office at 630-232-5990 or email to elections@co.kane.il.us​