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​​​​​​​​The “current” maps ("2010 maps") reflect current election districts and remain effective through the current term of office for the elected officials (i.e. December 2022 or January 2023 depending on the respective office). Residents can continue to use these maps during this period to identify their current elected officials or election districts.
Township and P
recinct Maps​

Aurora Election ​Commission
Aurora Election ​Commission​ Precinct Maps
W01P01, W01P02, W01P03, W01P04, W01P05, W01P06, W01P07, W01P08, W01P09, W02P01, W02P02,
W02P03, W02P04, W02P05​, W02P06, W03P01, W03P02, W03P03, W03P04​, W03P05, W03P06​, W03P07,
W04P01, W04P02, W04P03, W04P04​​, W04P05, W04P06, W04P07W04P08W04P09W04P10W05P01
W06P10​, W07P01​W07P02W07P03W07P04W07P05, W07P06​W10P01​

Aurora Township Map
Aurora Township Precinct Maps
AU01, AU02, AU03, AU04, AU05, AU06, AU07, AU08, AU09, AU10, AU11, AU12, AU13, AU14, AU15

Batavia Township Map
Batavia Township Precinct Maps
BA01, BA02, BA03, BA04, BA05, BA06 ,BA07, BA08, BA09, BA10, BA11, BA12, BA13, BA14, BA15, BA16, 
BA17, BA18, BA19, BA20, BA21

Big Rock Township Map
Big Rock Township Precinct Maps
BR01, BR02

Blackberry Township Map
Blackberry Township Precinct Maps
BB01, BB02, BB03, BB04, BB05, BB06

Burlington Township Map
Burlington Township Precinct Maps

Campton Township Map
Campton Township Precinct Maps
CA01, CA02, CA03, CA04, CA05, CA06, CA07, CA08, CA09, CA10

Dundee Township Map
Dundee Township Precinct Maps
DU01, DU02, DU03, DU04, DU05, DU06, DU07, DU08, DU09, DU10, DU11, DU12, DU13, DU14, DU15, DU16,
 DU17, DU18, DU19, DU20, DU21, DU22, DU23, DU24, DU25, DU26, DU27, DU28, DU29, DU30, DU31, DU32, 
DU33, DU34, DU35

Elgin Township Map
Elgin Township Precinct Maps
EL01, EL02, EL03, EL04, EL05, EL06, EL07, EL08, EL09, EL10, EL11, EL12, EL13, EL14, EL15, EL16, EL17,
 EL18, EL19, EL20, EL21, EL22, EL23, EL24, EL25, EL26, EL27, EL28, EL29, EL30, EL31, EL32, EL33, EL34,
 EL35, EL36, EL37, EL38, EL39, EL40, EL41, EL42, EL43, EL44, EL45, EL46, EL47, EL48, EL49, EL50, EL51, 
EL52, EL53, EL54, EL55, EL56, EL57, EL58, EL59

Geneva Township Map
Geneva Township Precinct Maps
GE01, GE02, GE03, GE04, GE05, GE06, GE07, GE08, GE09, GE10, GE11, GE12, GE13, GE14, GE15, GE16, GE17, 
GE18, GE19, GE20, GE21

Hampshire Township Map
Hampshire Township Precinct Maps
HA01, HA02, HA03

Kaneville Township Map
Kaneville Township Precinct Maps

Plato Township Map
Plato Township Precinct Maps
PL01, PL02, PL03

Rutland Township Map
Rutland Township Precinct Maps
RU01, RU02, RU03, RU04, RU05, RU06, RU07, RU08, RU09

St. Charles Township Map
St. Charles Township Precinct Maps
SC01, SC02, SC03, SC04, SC05, SC06, SC07, SC08, SC09, SC10, SC11, SC12, SC13, SC14, SC15, SC16, 
SC17, SC18, SC19, SC20, SC21, SC22, SC23, SC24, SC25, SC26, SC27, SC28, SC29, SC30, SC31, SC32, SC33, SC34

Sugar Grove Township Map
Sugar Grove Township Precinct Maps
SG01, SG02, SG03, SG04, SG05, SG06

Virgil Township Map
Virgil Township Precinct Maps
VI01, VI02

State Districts


2012 Kane County Board District Map

Effective December 2012, new Kane County Board Districts will take effect.
Click Here to view a printable PDF of the new Kane County Board Districts.
Click Here for Individual County Board District Maps

Interactive Kane County GIS Maps

Click Here to view an interactive GIS Map of Kane County
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