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​​Mobile Homes


The Kane County Clerk's office is responsible for maintaining mobile home registrations. A mobile home owner by State Law must file a registration within 5 days after purchase.

Mobile Home Registration

The mobile home must be TITLED thru the Secretary of State’s office. The Aurora office of the Illinois Secretary of State is at Indian Trail and Mitchell Road (339 E. Indian Trail) in Aurora. Phone: 312-793-1010. The Elgin office is at 595 S. State St. in Elgin. Phone: 847-697-5375.

The Secretary of State's website is:

The Kane County Clerk’s office is also responsible for calculating the taxes on mobile homes. The taxes are calculated by year of the mobile home and square footage.

To calculate the mobile home tax bills, the following formula is utilized:

Step 1. Determine the age by subtracting the coach year from the current year

Step 2. Find the rate:

  • if the number of years are 0 -2, use .1500 as the rate
  • if the number of years are 3 to 5, use .1350 as the rate
  • if the number of years are 6 to 8, use .1200 as the rate
  • if the number of years are 9 to 11, use .1050 as the rate
  • if the number of years are 12 to 14, use .0900 as the rate
  • if the number of years are 15 or more, use .0750 as the rate

Step 3. Compute the rounded tax amount
Square feet X rate

Step 4. If the reduction code is 1, then take the rounded tax amount
times .2 as the reduction

Step 5. Compute the net tax amount (rounded tax amount - reduction)

For Example:
Square feet (500) x Tax rate (.0750) = Tax Due ($37.50) - reduction (0.0) = Net Tax ($37.50)

After the tax calculation is run the Treasurer’s office mails out and collects the taxes. In December all taxes that have not been paid go to tax sale. Home owners can call the Tax Redemption office after the tax sale for redemption information.

For more information:

Kane County Clerk
719 S. Batavia Ave., Bldg. B
Geneva, IL 60134
Call: 630-232-5964
Fax: 630-232-5488
Hours:​ 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday