​​​Plats of Subdivision, Easement, Vacation or Dedication may need to be certified by the County Clerk to verify that there are no unpaid taxes due for the properties included within the area of the plat.  We now request the plat to be sent to us on a pdf file via email to: CountyClerk@KaneCountyIL.gov  Plats can still be brought into the office.  The plat will then be sent to the GIS department for a list of the parcels that are covered in the legal on the plat. Once the County Clerk has the parcel numbers; each number is checked for any taxes due on the property. Plats can not be certified if there are any taxes due.

When the taxes are checked and there are no taxes due, then the plat can be certified.

This procedure takes approximately 2 to 3 days to completion for plats to be signed. The cost is $2.00 and .10 per lot if over 20 lots.


The County Clerk's office does not have individual residential plats of survey for purchase.  If you need a plat of survey for your home or property, you will need to call a land surveyor.  

For more information:

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