Interactive Demonstration of Verity Duo™

What is Verity Duo™?

The Verity Duo™, provided by Hart InterCivic, is the voting system put in place for the 2024 General Primary.

Verity delivers unmatched efficiency in the polling place. Automated ballot management ensures a fast and accurate check in for voters. Centralized management streamlines poll worker tasks and keeps lines short.​

Every product in the Verity platform is equipped with robust audit logging​ and role-based control measures to ensure end-to-end transparency of your elections.

Verity paper-based solutions never encode voter choices in any digital seal for tabulation. Votes are captured from the same human-readable text that voters use to verify their choices.

Is Verity secure?


Verity’s design defaults to the strongest possible security posture – eliminating human error in handling and managing the devices. Verity facilitates strong security procedures by providing an easy to use system, enabling easy chain of custody tracking, streamlining storage and transport, and enforcing flexible role-based access controls on every device.

Verity has more security features than any other election technology on the market. Learn m​ore.

How to use Verity Duo™

The process for voting hasn't changed, just the device you are using to vote. When you go to the polls, you will still sign an application as always. Once you have signed your application, you will receive a piece of paper with a five digit number on it as well a blank paper ballot. You then take the piece of paper and blank ballot with you to any one of the voting booths. You will then enter the five digit number into the Verity Duo™, insert your blank paper ballot arrow side up, and you will then vote the ballot. (How to vote is show in the demonstrations below.)

Click on a link below to watch a video demonstrating the new system Verity Duo: