Deputy Registrars are responsible for registering voters in the State of Illinois

Deputy registrars must be trained, take an oath, and be appointed as provided by state law.

Deputy registrars must be registered to vote in the jurisdiction in which they are appointed.

Deputy registrars must not engage in any form of electioneering while registering voters. This includes working for or against a proposition or candidate while conducting voter registration.

Deputy registrars can be removed for cause.

Deputy registrars must complete registration forms neatly and follow the specific directions of the election authority.

Deputy registrars must return completed registration materials within 7 days of completion.


Appointments of deputy registrars, except precinct committeemen, shall be for 2-year terms, commencing on December 1st following the general election of each even-numbered year; except that the mid-term appointments shall be until December 1st following the next general election. Appointments of precinct committeemen shall be for 2-year terms commencing on the date of the county convention following the general primary at which they were elected.

There is no quota for registrations.


Election Authorities (county clerks or boards of election commissioners), and Deputy Registrars, as appointed.

The following are automatically appointed as deputy registrars by the election authority:

  • Municipal Clerks
  • Township/Road District Clerks
  • Precinct Committeemen
  • Secretary of State drivers license facility employees

The following may be appointed only upon written request:

  • Chief librarian or designee.
  • High school/elementary school principal or designee.
  • University/college president or designee.
  • State labor organization members
  • Bona fide state civic organization members.
  • Public Aid director or designees.
  • Employment Security director or designated employees.
  • Corporation president or designated employees. (As defined by the Business Corporation Act of 1983)


Deputy Registrars are completely volunteer. There is no compensation.


Contact our office at (630) 232-5990 or elections@KaneCountyIL.gov​ to find out more.​

​Forms and Handbooks

Illinois State Deputy Registrar Guidelines

Kane County Deputy Registrar Handbook

Deputy Registrar FAQ