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Interactive Demonstration of eSlate™

What is eSlate™?

The eSlate™, provided by Hart InterCivic, is the voting system put in place in the 2006 General Primary.

eSlate™ is direct recording equipment (DRE). This means that it is an electronic device that directly records information.

eSlate™ itself is very similar to a large handheld computer device. The voter uses a rotary wheel to navigate through the ballot and select his or her vote. This rotary interface was chosen because it is more accurate and durable than touch-screen systems.

Why eSlate™?

In 2003, Kane County put together a team to explore new alternatives to punch card voting. A request for proposal was issued and submitted to many vendors. After the bids were received and reviewed, the Kane County Board determined that eSlate™, provided by Hart Intercivic was the best choice for Kane County. This decision was based on overall cost, security, ease of use by the voter, and compliance with Federal and State law.

eSlate™ has been proven secure, accurate, and durable. It is easy to use and accessible to all voters as well as cost and time efficient.

How to use eSlate™

The process for voting hasn't changed, just the device you are using to vote. When you go to the polls, you will still sign an application as always. Once you have signed your application, instead of receiving your punch card, you will receive a piece of paper with a four digit number on it. You then take the piece of paper with you to any one of the voting booths. You will then enter the four digit number into the eSlate™, the appropriate ballot will appear, and you will then vote the ballot. (How to vote is show in the demonstrations below.)

Click on a link below to watch a video demonstrating the new system eSlate™: